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The team behind VPNSANDMORE have been providing customers with worldwide access to the Internet for more than 20 years. With a background in IT and TV technology, our experience clearly shows with our unrivalled service. VPNSANDMORE is available 365 days a year to ensure our customers have the help any time they wish. We provide the world’s fastest VPNs to the UK, Europe and the US – with more countries to follow. Join the fastest growing network.


We keep it simple – our products are easy to install and easy to use. We also provide UK TV solutions for our clients living and working abroad. As well as BBC iPlayer, we provide up to 50 English-speaking channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies, and Disney. Enjoy English TV on your phone, tablet, PC or even television! With our VPN solutions you can access securely all of your favourite content wherever you are.  We are certain that you will be happy with our VPN speeds and service. Contact us today

VPNs and More…

Here at VPNS and more we offer the very best service at the lowest prices. If you are a customer in Asia ( or anywhere else in the World) looking for internet access or internet TV access without geographical restriciton then we have the service for you.

We started off as a VPN provider specialising in Asia and China VPN services. We now offer VPN routers and services to over 100 countires Worldwide.

We offer a 100% secure VPN service which features in many of the top 10 VPN lists…. choose VPNSandMore. You can save up to 65% on UK, USA and Chinese VPN services with complete anonymity. We have servers located in over 100 different regions , fully managed, with unlimited data / high speed connection. The best super VPN premium service. Check the VPN Asia reviews on our social media platforms.

Why will I need a VPN service?

Many western websites, apps and online facilities are geo blocked. This means that these facilities are unavailable outside of their countires of origin. Some of these facilities include Now TV,  United States television services such as Fox and HBO, Sky Go, Sky Sports, Premier League football, La Liga football, Sky Movies, BBC including iPlayer, ITV, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Twitter. With our VPN service or VPN router you can view these services wherever you are in the World. We also offer pre configured set ups to view UK and US televisiont hrough Now TV and SkyGo. You can subscribe to the packages of your choice without restrictions. Visit the best websites and services from the US, UK and more..

Avoid all of the following problems – IP blocking,  DNS Filtering,  URL Filtering, Packet Filtering… Say No to Censorship and restrictions, One World….One service.

China / Chinese VPNs

China and in particular the Chinese government have tried to restrict internet access locally to Chinese sites, apps and facilities. A good VPN provider will be able to bypass China’s firewall.  The Golden Shield project (the censorship system in China) is also often reffered to as the Great Firewall of China (GFW). Our reliable, virtual private network, with super speed stealth servers in Hong Kong and Shanghai means that our service is the best all round VPN for China. So if you are a British , US or European Expat in China you can receive the internet access and TV you miss.

US and British VPN service

For only £6 per month have access to the services you would like from the USA or The UK.  Use the VPN software on up to 5 devices to access the content you miss anywhere in the World….Facebook in China, Sky Sports in Taiwan, BBC iPlayer in Japan.

VPN Routers

Connect our pre-configured VPN router (both TP link and Shadowsocks routers available) to your home internet router abroad and receive all of the content you miss on any device in your home. View Sky TV (through Now TV) including Sky sports and Movies on your TV, BBC iPlayer on your tablet or phone.

Sky Go

Over 40 channels are included with this subscription. View on up to 2 mobile devices. PC – Tablet – Mobile. You can view anywhere in the World. Choose from great UK and US channels like Sky Sports, 11 Sky Cinema channels ,  Entertainment channels like Atlantic, SkyOne, Fox, MTV, Discovery and more..Also includes access to BBC iPlayer, ITV HUB, Channel 4 player and Five Player. If you would lke further options and package prices you can visit our sister company 123uktv. Alternative SkyGo packages are available from only £11.99 per month.

Now TV

UK Sky TV’s own streaming set top box. T|his is an internet television service owned by Sky PLC. When used with a VPNsandMore router you can view the best in British and American Premium TV. Watcvh the latest movies, live sports, entertainment all eclusively live and on demand through your TV and many devices. Epic entertainment, order TV passes online, pay as you go tv. Channel packages are available from only £6.99 per month for the Entertainment package. Sky Sports 1-5, Sky sports News HQ, Sky Sports F1  and 11 Sky Cinema channels are all available throughout Asia and the World.

Sky Entertainment pass 6 months £29.99 – Sky Movies pass 4 months £29.99 – Sky Sports day pass £6.99

Where can I use these services?

In short…anywhere! The products and services like Now TV, Sky Go, VPN routers and VPN software have been tested in over 100 countries world wide. The only requirement we would suggest is 2mg download speed for the streaming TV services. Our servicesare currently being used in the following countires…Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Seychelles, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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